Frequently Asked Questions

About the MNodes.PRO site is a masternode coin monitoring and statistics service. does not research or recommend any coin and does not provide any financial advice. Do your own research, due diligence and invest at your own risk. The information provided is for informational purposes only. is a joint venture project between the MillenniumClub and MasterWin teams.

Masternode Coins / Hosted on
This number is the amount of coin tickers that the platform provides information for and is available for monitoring.

Masternodes Online / Nodes Monitored on
This number represents the total amount of nodes being monitored for free for our members on our platform.

Masternodes Value / Monitored Nodes Total Value
This number represents the value of all nodes monitored for our clients.

Monthly Change Gain / Loss since start of month
Soon to be available, this number represents the average gain for all nodes we monitor from month to month. Only the coins with a 2 months history or more will be included in our calculation.

Column Label Description
Logo - Ticker / Coin Shows the logo, ticker and name of the coin listed on
Coin Price ($) Last traded price for the coin on exchanges.
Volume ($) Volume of all traded coins within the last 24 hours.
Marketcap ($) Value of the total coin supply according to the last traded price on exchanges.
ROI (%) Annual return on investment for a masternode of this coin.
Live Nodes List of the active running nodes of the selected coin.
Collateral Amount of coins needed to run a masternode.
MN cost ($) Total worth of the masternode based on the last traded price on exchanges.
Action / Details Click on Details to get more statistics and information for a selected coin.
Services offered by MNodes.PRO

MNodes.PRO helps you monitor your masternodes for FREE.

All you need to do is Select the Coin Ticker and enter the Collateral Address used to lock your coins for the masternode you wish to monitor.

To be listed on there is a lifetime listing fee of the equivalent of 0.08 BTC payable in MCLB (MillenniumClubCoin) and / or MW (MasterWinCoin). We also offer the service of being listed for 6 months for 0.04 BTC where the same terms and conditions apply as mentioned above.

For more information please reach out to the team in our dedicated discord channel.